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This is Global Cosmesi

The leading thought of our business is researching and developing a cosmetic product more natural compared to the market type. Each person feels the need of respecting their desire for Nature, making a step back from the everyday rush and a step toward Wellness. That is why there is a need for rediscovering the real natural feeling, starting with small gestures, like body care.

Our strengths

Dedication to work, Scientific skills serving the realization of the Final Product, Care for the Client’s needs, Flexible production of small lots, Combined services for reaching market goals.

Research and development

We shape your ideas, from thought to prototype, through research among materials and new possibilities.

Innovation and experience

For over 15 years we have been researching and using innovative raw materials respecting the skin and the environment.


Drafting of the PIF, management of CPNP notifications, Safety Evaluation, assistance for the drafting of documents, assistance for the arrangement of commercial and technical disclosures.

We are always focused on customer needs*

*with our entire passion!

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