Internal services

Customization and Safety


Selling is easier thanks to our design department, where we develop every facet of the realization of the final product, by outlining and providing support for primary packaging, for the design of the brand, for the realization of the supporting materials, such as catalogues, stands, cases, posters, websites, advertising, etc., referring to reliable and high quality partner suppliers.


The product must enter the market spotless, even when it comes to the standards compliant to European and international regulations. Thanks to the regulatory department we back up the client through the tangled web of bureaucracy. Our specialized personnel skilfully manage the problems the client may encounter, in order to simplify this fundamental stage for the legitimate product placement on market.
Drafting of the PIF, management of CPNP notifications, Safety Evaluation, assistance for the drafting of documents, assistance for the arrangement of commercial and technical disclosures.