Production and Packaging Lab

We are born in the spirit of the artisanal lab, tailor made on the needs of our client, applying the full-service policy even to small lots. We grew, we still are growing but we stick to the quality and excellence for all our final products. To obtain this, for production and packaging we utilize machinery produced by Italian companies, top ranking in the production of turbo-emulsifier machines, blending machines and packing machines.

The “made in Italy” quality of the final product must go through the technology the whole world envies us, mastered by our partner companies which supply us with materials or production machineries – to which we want to give due recognition in our production chain.

The numbers: we produce, for each lot, from 50 It to 5.000 It in cold blending, from 30 kg to 1.000 kg in hot blending in vacuum, often organizing production in various work turns in order to produce 15.000 kg in cold blending and 4.000 in hot blending in vacuum on a daily basis. We truly develop many cosmetics, such as: cream, emulsion, oils blend, aqueous solutions, facial, body and hair cleanser, conditioner and finish for all kinds of styling our clients might request.

Our products

Face: anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, lightening, smoothing, specific for sensitive, oily, combination and impure skin.
Body: moisturizing, reducing, firming, for professional massage.
Moisturizing, sun protection for face and body, sprayable, after wax, soothing, protective.
For face, hair and body, for beauty, sport and physiotherapeutic massage, sun oil, synergic mixtures, lipid-soluble active.
Facial toner, serum for face and body.
Shampoo, bath and shower, face cleanser, SLES free products with “green” surfactants.
Conditioner, cream, mask, gel, leave-in, cetrimonium chloride free and silicone free lotions.
Face, body, peel off, alginate.
Natural exfoliating products from natural sources.