Research and development

Our goal is to try to develop the best product for each client. Our guiding principle is to realize a product as natural as possible, no matter the type of market. Researching cosmetic raw materials, even the most complex ones, is our daily challenge!

We test and implement the raw materials which are trending in cosmetic market, by continuously providing viable alternatives consistent with the requests of even the most demanding clients.
We evaluate and create products with ethoxylates free emulsifiers from natural sources, we study and research alternative preservatives, organic and most of all effective (for years we have been keeping our products free from parabens, formaldehyde and thiazolinones); gelification and suspension are completed without the use of synthetic thickeners or acrylates; our idea of cleansing goes beyond mere cleanness, it also implies the benefit and relief of skin and hair. We try to convey exquisite textures to our emulsion, lotions and creams without using silicones and acrylates, sometimes with comparable result between products with additives and additives free. Goal: quality and safety. During the development stages of the prototype, in conjunction with the client’s request, we keep close relationships with Universities, Analytical Laboratories and Certification Bodies, guaranteeing, through the methods and protocols of validations which are officially recognized (Stability, Efficacy, Challenge testing, Patch Test, etc.), the compliance of the products to the required standards.