The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stopped ‘life as normal’ across much of the world. As governments and healthcare systems put into place strict measures around movement to slow the rate of infection and minimise the death toll, we are coming into a period of significant consumer uncertainty. After the coronavirus pandemic eases, we do not expect the world to return to business as usual. As this time puts a fire break in consumer spending, the pause will mean that many will reconsider their values around consumption and spending.
As fear for the future continues to grow, they will look to businesses and brand propositions to make them feel secure, and they will take a more meaningful perspective on consumption. All of this slowing down and reconsideration of values will take place alongside an acceleration of digitisation, as self-isolation shows how rapidly businesses can fulfil demands online.
Anxiety has become a key cultural and generational concern, with fear now becoming the emergent emotional state, so will drive consumer preferences towards products with attributes that reflect a sense of safety & security and promote calm.
Brands that are supportive and empathetic will fare much better and recover more quickly once the crisis has abated.
Global Cosmesi responded to this trend that will change consumer and choice habits with a project called #STAYSAFE, a mini cosmetic line to HYGIENIZE & PROTECT hands.
We started with the development of 2 new products of great utility for all consumer and age groups: a hand sanitizing gel and a nutricosmetic hand cream because repeated washing, removing the skin sebum, can lead to dry hands, inflammation, cracking.
A perfect match for this first period which will then be joined by other product categories of great utility for hygiene and personal care.
For this line we have studied the innovative complex OLEOSKIN which acts thanks to an exclusive enzymatic activation technology of the vegetable oils of almond, olive, flax and borage, chosen for their content of different highly nutritive essential fatty acids.
OLEOSKIN is able to hydrate the skin without greasing it, being absorbed more quickly than a mixture of non-activated oils. In addition, the products have an extremely soft and silky touch.

Global Cosmesi could not fail to think about its GREEN SOUL which is the basis of all its developments and projects because we are used to always thinking in GREEN. Try #STAYSAFE, the cosmetic that protects you, for a more delicate and dermo-like effect on the skin and for a more ecological environmental impact.