camilla benetti graphic designer


In Ferrara, the fog softens the outlines of things, hiding only a part of them. The rest you have to complete with the imagination and slowly the same fantasy becomes a daily tool, on which you depend to complete the reality of every day. In our wonderful country we learn, from an early age, to understand what number is written on the bus, as it advances through the thick fog, to complete the immense castle of Ferrara, avoiding the bicycles that whiz by and so on. There are children who even when they grow up continue to use the same imagination used years before, thus making it a real fundamental tool for their work: the graphic designer. The latter, in fact, must always keep creativity active by continuously training the mind, especially outside of work.

This is explained by immersing yourself in the contemporary digital age. We are constantly exposed to enormous cognitive overload, which affects us in our daily choices. The graphic designer must perceive every single stimulus and treasure it.
Furthermore, nowadays, we speak hundreds of different languages, but we all understand the same common language, and when we turn off the computer, our work continues. Walking around our city, stopping our gaze in front of a poster, we ask ourselves: how would I have done it?

We see a sign, we study it and we begin to think about whether it could be simplified more. We fall in love with an old sign, a writing on the wall or an oddly shaped stain. On the supermarket shelves we get nervous if we can’t find a certain product because the person who created the graphics did not use a readable font and so on.

We cannot do without it: looking is our vice, our eyes are always busy reading the reality that surrounds us. Ours, before being a job, is a passion through which we try to convey precise messages.

Graphic design is therefore creativity but also science, the continuous search for style, beauty and the right. It is a job that asks us to continuously feed our mind and our culture but, above all, it forces us to never stop imagining and dreaming: to look beyond, with the awareness that we can always learn and improve.

We chose this job because we are tireless dreamers; under the professionalism and the technique, behind the jackets and the handshakes, beyond the meeting rooms and our names on the doors of the offices, we are first of all graphic designers passionate about our work, ready to accept any challenge we find ourselves to have to face. At Global Cosmetics we design shapes, objects, messages, experiences and emotions because we have a heart and a brain, and as long as there is life we ​​have, we will need graphic design.

Camilla Benetti is the virtual link between Global Cosmetics and that bicycle that we see getting lost in the distance. So, putting our imagination to good use again, we can see the dim light of the taillight, giving the right emphasis to the colored symphony that, even a single graphic, can magically enclose. Where the fog clears, in the multiplicity of decisions to be made, that small image makes a certain product our preference, making us grasp, in a single instant, the intrinsic and universal message contained in a humble font.


camilla benetti graphic designer