francesca canepa regolatorio


The word “conform” refers to elements “that have the same shape in common”. Compliance therefore indicates similarity and correlation between different parts but linked to each other by defined rules.
The Regulatory Office, headed by Francesca Canepa, takes care of precisely this: starting from the regulations in force, it adjusts the product so that it complies with the laws, while maintaining its specific characteristics. The main task is to verify a series of fundamental parameters for the correct placing on the market of a product. The Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 in use in the European Community is among the most strict and has as its main purpose to guarantee the safety of the product to protect the health of the consumer. The regulations and guidelines are not a list of strict rules or substances allowed or prohibited, but are subject to interpretation and are related to the uses and customs of the country in which they are applied.

Global Cosmesi offers a complete consultancy service for compliance with Regulation (EC) n.1223 / 2009, including drafting of the PIF, notification to the CPNP, laboratory analyzes (heavy metals, microbiology) and clinical tests (patch tests).

It is a team effort, which involves people with different and specific knowledge (Research and Development, Marketing, Quality, Supply Chain) and which requires a continuous training and updating plan because the regulations are constantly evolving. We accompany the customer from the start of the project, developing together the strategy that will best suit their needs.