This year has undoubtedly brought a revolution on many aspects of everyday life, including outfits. But the men’s beard still does not go out of fashion, indeed the trend is also developing in the wake of the trends “imposed” by the Coronavirus.
In the wake of the latest trends, also in 2021 the style to be preferred is certainly that of a controlled and well-groomed male beard, not only for a matter of style but also for a hygienic discourse.
From this year, in fact, we need to be much more attentive to hygiene and personal care, and certainly wearing a shorter beard means more cleanliness.
The short beard also makes it easier to deal with the use of the mask. Wearing the mask on a long hipster-style beard can be difficult, it could get entangled but above all you would risk leaving your mouth or nose exposed or not completely protected.
In 2021 they will wear short or medium-short beards and mustaches, and also for hygiene reasons it will be good to focus on a more refined cut.
Beard shampoos are suitable for cleansing, especially for considerable lengths.
For daily care you can choose between a No rinse balm or a few drops of beard oil, they have an emollient effect even for the most bristly beards, making them soft to the touch and giving shine. The underlying skin will also benefit, as it is richly nourished and hydrated.

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