Have you ever heard of CLEAN BEAUTY'?

Cleancosmetics is still evolving in purity and plays with the idea that it could even be eaten and is therefore now called ‘baby proof’, with components so pure and reliable that they are proof against children who might mistakenly taste them. In fact, these are not products to actually eat but a new category of cosmetics containing ingredients that are originally edible and that grow at a surprising speed of 200% per year (Nielsen 2018) and that was created to meet the growing needs of consumers more attentive to green, natural and organic.
“68% of consumers expect greater transparency from the beauty and personal care industries. These are highly trained customers, who know the formulas, ingredients and sources preferring organic, clean, natural, green cosmetics and who instead discard those based on ingredients suspected of being toxic, such as silicones, essential oils, fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate, chemical filters and alcohol. 53% of consumers argue that the absence of these components is more important than the possible effectiveness of the products. The success of cosmetics based on edible ingredients is linked precisely to the strong and growing demand for safety “.
And if this cosmetic is associated with a pack with bio based or post-consumer recycled plastics, you can create a that goes beyond green certification. A new cosmetic frontier that few companies are able to formulate and propose.
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