The psychology of colors

Within the article on “Correct Visual Communication: packs and labels” we touched on a fundamental point for the creation of a new Brand: the psychology of colors applied in the world of marketing. What is it about? Color psychology is the study of colors in relation to human behavior. It aims to determine how color affects our decisions in daily life, especially when purchasing products compared to others. Each individual perceives a specific color differently from each other; this depends on the story, the sex, the context in which the latter is located. However there are universal guidelines to follow. Just think of the supermarket aisles, there are predominance of color by sector, cold colors for detergents and warm colors for food areas.
Nothing is put there by chance, everything is meticulously studied to capture the customer’s attention. In fact, according to a study, 92.6% of consumers declare that color is the main element that conveys their purchase, while only 5.6% is based on the tactile sensation and the remaining 0.9% on the sense of smell and hearing. Precisely for this reason there is the psychology of color, a tool with which to determine the failure or success of a new brand. In cosmetics, as never before, all this is fundamental to know for the realization of a new brand and cosmetic. Inside the staff of Global Cosmesi there are people also prepared for this, entrusted to us for the creation and creation of your new brand, starting from the creation of the cosmetic formulation to move on to the graphic realization of the finished product.