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Questa informativa è parte della Informativa sulla Privacy (Privacy policy_Gobal cosmesi_agg. Marzo 2020) e deve essere letta in aggiunta ad essa. A cookie is a simple text file that is saved on the user’s computer or mobile device by a website server that can be read or retrieved by the server itself. It contains information and allows the website to remember, for example, user preferences or the products in his shopping cart. The Directive on Electronic Communications and the Privacy Authority Provision of 8 May 2014, n. 229, concerning the “Identification of simplifying procedures for providing information on and acquiring consent for use of cookies” state that use of cookies is only admissible with the user’s consent.

The purpose of cookies
Cookies may, generally speaking, be used for different reasons. For example, they may be used to measure website usage by visitors, to improve page browsing, to allow users to set personal preferences on the websites they visit, in the interests of user security or to show advertising messages on the basis of the visitor’s interests.

The type of Cookies we use
Different categories may be defined on the basis of characteristics and usage. We distinguish between cookies that are mandatorily required for the technical functions of the online service and such cookies and tracking mechanisms that are not mandatorily required for the technical function of the online service. It is generally possible to use the online service without any cookies that serve non-technical purposes.

Technically required cookies
These are cookies necessary to make the website work; they are used to improve the way services are delivered and improve the user’s browsing experience.

These cookies will, then, always be used and sent, unless users modify their browser settings; please be aware that changing the settings will affect the display of web pages.
Third Party Cookies
These are cookies issued by a website different from the one visited by the user (e.g. Google Analytics).

Google Analytics
‘Third party’ cookies are related to services provided by third parties such as ‘Like’ and “Share” and monitor the effectiveness of advertising. The third party provides such services in exchange for information about the user’s visit to our website.

It follows that third-party cookie providers are also required to comply with the relevant legislation.
We use third part cookies for…
gathering information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the website.

Enabling/disabling cookies via the browser
Cookies and other tracking devices can be managed in several different ways.

By changing your browser settings you can accept or reject cookies or choose to receive a warning message before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. Please be reminded that by completely disabling cookies in the browser you may not be able to use all our interactive features. If you use multiple computers in different locations, make sure each browser is set according to your preferences. You can delete all the cookies installed in your browser’s cookie folder. Each browser has different setting management procedures.
Management of your settings with regard to cookies and tracking mechanisms not required technically
When visiting our website, you will be asked in a cookie layer whether you consent to our using of any marketing cookies or tracking mechanisms, respectively. In our privacy settings, you may withdraw the consent with effect for the future or grant your consent at a later point in time.

Click on one of the links below to obtain specific instructions.

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox 

Apple Safari

If you do not use any of the above-listed browsers, select ‘cookies’ in the relative guide section to find out where your cookie folder is located.
Deleting Flash cookies
Click on the link below to modify your Flash cookie settings.

Disabling Flash cookies