The label of a product, especially in the cosmetic sector, plays a fundamental role. Thanks to the numerous printing possibilities, it acts as a persuasive tool; more the label is unique and particular and more it attracts the customer’s gaze, prompting him to buy a certain type of product instead of another. The label must follow certain regulations and in addition to this, other factors such as color psychology must also be considered. In fact, all the graphics revolve around the use of the correct color and the use of the right font and correct graphic line. These two elements together determine psychological and emotional effects that contribute to giving uniqueness to the label. However, we must not forget another equally important element in the composition of a cosmetic product: packaging. The uniqueness factor is also important with regards to packaging because if the consumer considers your product unique and effective, it is also difficult for him to think of something alternative to replace it. Thanks to packaging, you can build a relationship with the customer based on the uniqueness of the brand, but also on the uniqueness of the identity of the consumer.
All the elements of a graphic are not left to chance, clearly we should not even exaggerate or putting too many elements could make our product ambiguous and confused, so sometimes the payoff “less is more” can be useful in creating a new brand.
We must focus on a few essential elements that enhance and make the product unique. Precisely for this reason many times the graphic and marketing work behind a certain brand is the result of a long research and development work.

As a Global Cosmesi company we have developed several brands starting from the design on paper and ending with products on the market.  Als we creted different brand with Green Plastcs such as braskem and recycled PET.

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