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We have been producing cosmetics for face, body and hair care for over 15 years.

We develop PROJECTS in full service for Private Label and we give shape, substance, color and perfume to every cosmetic inspiration. A team of professionals is here to dress and develop a Tailor Made line. SKINCARE & HAIRCARE is our strength.

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Creating a product as natural as possible, for each type of market, is the principle that guides all our activities. The search for raw materials in cosmetics, even the most complicated especially the natural ones and the realisation of the ideal formula is the daily challenge for us.

COSMOS certification allows us to produce with very precise specifications.

globalcosmesi produttori cosmetici naturali


Dedication to work and a very pleasant sharing company atmosphere where people are at the center of every project.

A team of professionals always listening to the customer.

globalcosmesi produttori cosmetici


Thanks to the intense activity of the Research and Development Laboratory, we develop customised natural and technological formulas, we search for raw materials in line with cosmetic trends, we check all processing stages in a timely manner, we test the effectiveness of all our products.

We make use of the support of research centers, University of Ferrara and accredited analysis laboratories to certify the quality and effectiveness of the formulations.

globalcosmesi produttori cosmetici
globalcosmesi produttori cosmetici


We develop concepts and actives to characterise your line with different solutions from natural to technological to give the brand a unique and distinctive story telling.

Our ideas from which to be inspired in different concepts that collect formidable storytelling to tell your brand and stand out from competitors.

Ask for more info for a tailor made line where actives, fragrances and textures will take you to a unique and distinctive world.

globalcosmesi_produttori di cosmetici green soul