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Cosmos product certification on request

COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural certification for sustainable development that combines economic progress, social responsibility and maintenance of the planet’s natural balance.

Requirements of naturalness and GREEN CHEMISTRY with the use of significant quantities (and declared on the label) of components from ORGANIC FARMING.

Certification of manufacturing processes with the use of clean and production methods that respect the environment and human health.

Responsible use of natural resources and respect for the environment.

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Formulation “WITHOUT” some substances that the most careful consumers do not appreciate, for a more delicate effect on the skin and for a more ecological environmental impact.

  • Natural but above all effective alternative preservative systems: without parabens, formaldehyde cessions, thiazolinones.

  • Non-synthetic thickeners.

  • Innovative washing solutions without SLES and SULPHATES.

  • Refined and extra-sensorial textures without using silicones and acrylates.


A wide choice of functional substances and active ingredients in line with an increasingly requested communication from “GREEN” consumers.

  • Active ingredients from organic agriculture.
  • Natural active ingredients.
  • Vegan actives.
  • ZERO KM active ingredients – Italian production.
  • Gluten-free active ingredients.
Cosmetici biologici, km0, naturali


Some terminologies that better explain the features of a GREEN SOUL product.

It means making a cosmetic in such a way that the entire production cycle has the least possible impact on the environment.

Eco-bio substances are of natural origin, coming from organic and controlled agriculture, in full compliance with the standards for cultivation (e.g. absence of pesticides).

The peculiarity of a bio-compatible product also concerns the restriction / exclusion of synthetic substances in the formulation.

The use of sustainable and eco-design materials to reduce the impact of packaging are essential for developing eco-friendly packaging.

Respect for the skin ecosystem in its physiology and for the environmental ecosystem.