green soul

GREEN SOUL, green cosmetics for everyone.

Today, more than ever, the green trend is part of the world’s economy. In fact, more and more consumers are deciding to make conscious purchases, favouring products that respect the environment and preserve its resources. This vision is in line with the numerous policies that impose regulations to protect the environment.

More and more people are eating organic and “green” foods, driving green cars, using green electricity, wearing sustainable clothes and, of course, choosing green cosmetics.

More and more products are qualified as “green”, “green”, “sustainable” or “ecological, vegan agricosmetics” cosmetics. In addition, there is Clean Beauty, the aim of promoting clean and sustainable cosmetics, without forgetting trends such as Skinimalism, which, in the desire to simplify the beauty routine (few products and targeted), combines practicality with a zero-waste approach.

It is a “green book” that is expanded every day with terms that have to do with the keyword: sustainability.

The merit is above all the millennials, young people born between the eighties and the 2000s, also referred to as Generation Y, Echo Boomers, Net Generation (the first “digital natives” in history) who, according to some surveys, are always the most involved and addressed towards a sustainable beauty, attentive to the environment. They represent the most interesting generation for the cosmetics market and are playing an important role because they will soon be the generation with the highest purchasing power. Their approach to beauty is healthy, concrete and not very artificial, they look for products with natural ingredients, zero-kilometre, clean formulas, which respect the environment, with eco-compatible packs. In any case, in the eco-friendly ingredients they seek the guarantee of a high-quality standard, they are practical and willing to buy an “ecological” product without sacrificing the quality performance and effectiveness of its use.

Global Cosmesi has been working on this trend and approach for years, so much so that its pay off has become “green soul”.

We design green cosmetics for all our customers, where sustainability represents the turning point, a new way of doing business that is not only ethically correct, but also allows excellent earning opportunities. Being green is a possibility that all companies have at their disposal: it is not a niche strategy but an opportunity that can be included in any marketing strategy.

In this context, the lever of communication is fundamental. Don’t forget that “natural” does not necessarily mean “sustainable“.

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