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Haircare and Skincare: the fusion of two souls.

One of the biggest trends of the moment is #skinification, the tendency to create make-up and hair care products inspired by the concepts of effectiveness of ingredients traditionally used in the skincare world. The basic concept is to put the skin at the center of one’s cosmetic habits, regardless of the area of ​​application of the product itself because the skin does not end at the hairline.

Think, for example, of a foundation that makes up by bringing the benefits of a moisturizer or a serum for the scalp that acts in a targeted manner as if it were designed for the face.

In particular, #hairskinification expresses the ever-increasing tendency to take care of the scalp with the same attention that is paid daily especially to the face. This is where super-performing shampoos and serums are born, aimed at solving scalp problems or maintaining its correct state of health.

Products designed with skinification logic are increasingly multifunctional, designed to bring the same benefits to the skin of the face, body and scalp, without distinction. Let’s imagine that we can apply the same product on the face and on the body. Two important benefits derive from this: on one hand, the certainty of applying the same ingredients, at the same concentration on both areas, on the other, the reduction of the time needed to complete one’s daily beauty routine. The first is very close to our hearts because we firmly believe that the cosmetic product must be effective as well as pleasant to apply.

FACE&SCALP formulation proposal

Our research and development team, specialized in the formulation of products for the hair care and skin care sector, has decided to focus its attention on this topic with the aim of unifying the expertise in these two areas in a single hybrid product. This is where performance hair care literally merges with the effectiveness of skincare treatments.

Micellar lotion

Concentrated aqueous lotion indicated for the treatment of acne-prone combination skin that suffers from facial lucidity, the presence of blackheads and whiteheads and a greasy scalp with hair that gets dirty quickly.

Soothing serum

Fluid emulsion characterized by a liquid consistency and light afterfeel, typical of face serums. The innovative texture allows it to be applied daily and without rinsing on the face, body and scalp without weighing down or leaving traces on the stem.

Balancing serum

Emulsion with a liquid consistency and a light afterfeel. Its texture allows it to be applied daily and without rinsing on the skin of the face and scalp without weighing it down or leaving traces.