nappo assunta

How a cosmetic product is born

Have you ever wondered how a cosmetic product is born? Probably the answer may seem trivial, but it is not. A cosmetic carries with it an idea, a project to be developed, a need to be satisfied or more simply a desire that you want to unleash in someone.

Assunta Nappo formulator of the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT team of Global Cosmetics, a company that works on behalf of third parties, explains that the starting point is always the brief: detailed collection of information that concretely dissects what you want to obtain from a specific project.

For us formulators this is a decisive tool and we try to work profitably with other sectors in order to obtain the greatest number of information and formulation ideas in this phase of approach to the project. Alternatively, the brief can be directly created by us as a goal for the development of innovative personal care formulas to offer to our customers. From here on we will use it as a guiding thread that will lead us to think about the product in all its aspects: because the cosmetic must be imagined with the mind and with the senses even before making it ” she explains promptly.

Only the skilful and accurate combination of multiple ingredients will be able to realize the required functionality and the imagined sensoriality through a suitable and captivating structure.

I always like to think of the birth of a new cosmetic as of a meeting of two souls: the scientific/technological one and the creative one. In short, the two faces of the formulator” she adds.

This is what happens in our Research and Development Laboratory: every single ingredient is evaluated and selected to be part of the finished cosmetic product with a very specific purpose, be it of a technical/structural or hedonistic/sensorial nature. For a cosmetic there is no sensoriality without technicality and oposite. The two aspects must be intimately merged in order to obtain a stable formula from a technical and structural point of view, precise but above all pleasant.

The concept of “cosmetic pleasantness” is an aspect that is particularly close to our heart when we formulate: a pleasant cosmetic will be a cosmetic that will be used more by the final customer. Consequently, constant application will be the key that will allow the product to perform its functional actions and be effective.