As more and more people will spend a lot of time at home, we expect that the main focus will be on self-care and well-being, rather than what it looks like.
The concept of “How you feel is more important than how you appear” will become central and bring various benefits to the skincare sector. This opens up the opportunity for companies to create premium skincare collections, renewing the packaging, fragrances and ingredients used.
Finally, there will be a strong need to find new rituals to disconnect from the online world and take care of yourself. For this reason, one could think, for example, of fragrance and skincare rituals that help the consumer to relax after a long day of work or products dedicated to indoor physical exercise that more and more people practice every day.
There is a growing trend to favor ingredients from our land and to place raw materials and their origin at the center of the narrative, paying particular attention if they come from faraway places.
For this reason, Global Cosmesi has created highly sensorial formulas with zero KM Italian active ingredients to support these requests: from Date Oil to Pistachio Oil, from Prickly Pear to Citrus Fruits of Sicily, from Biological Myrtle to Volcanic Stone.
An entirely Mediterranean and Made in Italy story telling.
Request samples and discover the enveloping fragrances that will immerse you in this world of sensations and colors.