You are in a queue at the post office, in a crowded room, it is hot, you have the coupon with your number in your hand, and you are patiently waiting for the counter to call you. You are in a square, in front of the escalators of a subway stop. Zipped in your winter jacket, wait for your sweetheart to hug each other and then go and buy Christmas gifts. Here, I am sure that if you found yourself choosing which of these two situations to live you would not have many doubts, and you would immediately wear your winter jacket. The difference between representing a number on a coupon and being a person who has been chosen is the one thing that makes us feel alive and that we want to live again, again and again. Numbers and people, in fact, two very distinct methods of approach, which in the human sphere make all the difference in the world and which in the workplace describe a relationship that speaks of companies that take each other by the hand and try to grow together.

Global Cosmesi is exactly that, a strong group identity that enhances individuals and enhances their potential, making the most of them and trying not to leave anyone behind.
It is said that a relationship of any kind between two or more individuals works when individuals are resolved and satisfied with themselves, Global Cosmesi is just that and there is no better person with whom trust with a private label project to develop at best the capabilities and potential of your company. Collaboration, attention to detail, well-defined strategies and continuous and accurate feedback, all elements that go best with the launch of a new product and that would not be possible in an impersonal context, in which the customer is seen only as a number or a figure to add to the company’s turnover.

In this context based on the human relationship between person and person, even before that between supplier and customer, the administrative department and one of its members Piero Tumiati are no exception, despite the numbers he has built up his working environment.

The pleasure of confronting and understanding what the needs of those in front of you are, to allow the customer to optimize the growth times of their product up to placement on the shelf. To try to do so, to let yourself be guided in the growth of a private label guided by a personal and tailored approach, contact us and we will be at your disposal.
People for people, in fact.