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Notice in accordance with Art. 13 and 14 of EU regulation 2016/679 and D.lgs. 196/03, as amended
Applicable legislation on the protection of personal data

Privacy policy
Global Cosmesi S.r.l. (hereinafter “Global Cosmesi” or “We” or “Us”) welcomes you to our internet page. We thank you for your interest in our company and our products.

  1. Global Cosmesi respects your privacy The protection of your privacy throughout the course of processing personal data as well as the security of all business data is an important concern to us. We process personal data that was gathered during your visit of our internet page confidentially and only in accordance with statutory regulations. Data protection and information security are included in our corporate policy.
  1. Controller
    Global Cosmesi is the controller responsible for the processing of your data; exceptions are outlined in this data protection notice. Our contact details are as follows: Global Cosmesi S.r.l. via Cento 6/1, 44049 Vigarano Mainarda (FE) – ITALY, e-mail Telephone: +39 0532436201
  1. Collection, processing and usage of personal data
    3.1 Processed data categories
    The following categories of data are processed, identified by the applicable law as personal data, provided directly by you, even verbally, essentially connected to the company name, surname and name, seats, VAT number, Tax number, telephone and fax number, e-mail address, name and surname, mobile phone number, the latter related to your representatives involved in the commercial relationship, to the economical and commercial activity as bank details and data concerning financial solvency, will be treated in accordance with the applicable law on personal data protection and based on the principle of fairness, legality, transparency and privacy.

    3.2 Processing purposes and legal basis
    3.2.1 The processing of data will be made for the following aims:
  • pre-contractual obligation, as an example for the formulation of offer and quotation and contractual connected with our products and /or services;
  • Administrative, financial, organizational and commercial management, of the existing legal relationship, including any eventual statistic surveys, and related obligation of civil, fiscal, financial law, Community regulation and legislation;
  • Storage of financial documentation;
  • Protection of the contractual rights of the undersigned Company, even in case of disputes;
  • Obligation deriving from regulations issued by authorities, legitimated by law and from vigilance organs.
    For the a.m. purposes, the protection is necessary to fulfill the law obligation and the execution of the current contract or of any pre-contractual measures adopted on your request and aimed, for instance, to the formulation of quotations. To this purpose, the protection of your data, for the a.m. purposes it does not require your consent and any eventual refusal to provide us these data will result in the impossibility of the undersigned society to continue the juridical relationship.
    3.2.2 Furthermore, the protection of the data will be made for the following purposes:
  • The use of your e-mail data aimed at the sending of promotional, commercial information, through phone or e-mail of material and promotions related to our products and/or services previously bought.
  • sending of communication of our initiatives for example participation to exhibition, event organization, anniversaries, kick-off of new products, sending of newsletter, promotional and commercial communication, direct sale activity and marketing research, including surveys on the quality and satisfaction of our services and/or products, through remote communication techniques including automated contact (as SMS, MMS, fax, automated telephone call, e-mail, multimedia messages on web platform) and traditional (as ordinary post and telephone call made by the operator).
    For the a.m.  purposes,  the  data  provision  is  optional  and  consequently,  in  case  of  refusal  by  your  side,  there  will  not  be  any consequences, except the impossibility to put in place initiatives aimed at improving our services or products towards you, as well as to keep up-dated your information on the development of our offers and promotions.
    Furthermore, please note that your e-mail address can be used on a legal basis of the legitimate interest, without your agreement is necessary and subject to your refusal to the protection, opposable at any time.

    3.3 Data diffusion, transfer and communication
    Withstanding all the communication carried out in the performance of legal obligation foreseen by law, regulation or community legislation, your data will be processed by the employees and collaborators of the undersigned based on the specific working duties and  might  be  communicated  in  Italy:  i)  to  banks  and  other  entities  operating  in  the banking  sector;  ii)  to  Authorities  or  Public Institutions; iii) to IT and management consulting companies; iv) to the collection and insurance companies; v) to professional and/or to societies that provide services and consulting (for instance in the accounting, financial, legal, logistic or transport field); vi) other companies of the group, subsidiaries and/or associated; vii) to the entities that need to access to your data for the fulfilment of the current legal relationship.

    In any case, only the personal data necessary to reach the aim for which they are collected will be communicated, and the full respect of security and confidentiality of the data is guaranteed. These entities process the data for the above mentioned purposes as autonomous controllers.

3.4 Method and duration of data processing
The protection of your data will be made through documents and paper archives and through electronic and/or telematic instruments with respect to law in such a manner as to ensure their confidentiality and safety, and the correctness, up-date and relevance of the data with respect to all the a.m. purposes and in order to avoid any access and related protection by non-authorized entities.

Your personal data will be kept by the undersigned for the whole time of the duration of the legal relationship and for the purposes indicated in paragraph 3.2.2. until you will inform us that you will not be interested anymore to our commercial and/or promotional and/or advertising campaign. In any case your data will be kept to be in compliance with legal requirements (as the storage of accounting documents, archive of contractual documents for any dispute or contractual responsibility) for a period of 10 years, after that the data will be deleted or anonymized.

  1. External links
    Our internet page may contain links to third party internet pages – by providers who are not related to us. Upon clicking on the link, we have no influence on the collecting, processing and use of personal data possibly transmitted by clicking on the link to the third party (such as the IP address or the URL of the site on which the link is located) as the conduct of third parties is naturally beyond our control. We do not assume responsibility for the processing of personal data by third parties.
  1. Security
    Our employees and the companies providing services on our behalf, are obliged to confidentiality and to compliance with the applicable data protection laws. We take all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security and to protect your data that are administrated by us especially from the risks of unintended or unlawful destruction, manipulation, loss, change or unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access. Our security measures are, pursuant to technological progress, constantly being improved.
  1. Rights of the person concerned
    As regards to personal data, and in any moment, you may exercise the rights provided by articles from 15 to 22 and art. 34 of Regulation (UE) 2016/679, through a simple written request addressed to the Data Controller even by e-mail, post, Pec or by a delegated entity, according to art. 12 of UE regulation 2016/679 and to the limitation as per Title I -Cape III D.lgs 196/2006 as amended, so: (i) achieve the access to personal data to know the data origin, purposes of the treatment, the logic applied to the data processing by using electronic instruments, data categories, addressees (or addresses categories) to which the same data will be communicated, period of conservation and their communication in intelligible form; (ii) obtain the correction, the integration, the data cancellation or the limitation of the processing; (iii) oppose the treatment of your personal data; (iv) obtain the portability of data, where relevant; (v) withdraw the consent at any time; (vi) lodge a complaint, according to art. 77 of Regulation (UE) 2016/679 in case you believe that the processing of your data in not in compliance with the applicable law on personal data protection, to the Italian Data Protection Authority or to the control authority of the EU member where you usually live or work, or the place where the alleged infringement has occurred.

    Furthermore, the list of the entities or of the categories of entities to which the data are communicated or that acknowledge as Responsible and/or authorized entities is at your complete disposal at the Data Controller.
    Finally, the data Controller informs you that the communication of the data, following up a request from your side or right exercise, might be done prior to a reimbursement of expenses.
  1. Changes to the Data Protection Notice
    We reserve the right to change our security and data protection measures. In such cases, we will amend our data protection notice accordingly. Please, therefore, notice the current version of our data protection notice, as this is subject to changes.
  1. Contact
    The data controller is the undersigned Society with legal seat and contact data as indicated in the “Controller” section and in the headings of the current notice. The data controller will keep the current notice continuously up-dated. The data controller will publish the up-dated notice through its web-site or make it available on demand.

Version in force since March 2020
The data controller: GLOBAL COSMESI S.R.L.