RE-PROOF SKIN: how to face the return from holidays

The return from vacation marks the end of a series of activities and pleasant moments, such as being able to wake up late in the morning, engage in sport and spend long days under an umbrella. It is a period, even if is a short one, in which we suspend worries and thoughts related to work and daily routine, letting ourselves to the pleasure of exploring different places and cultures. When you leave after a wonderful holiday, in addition to stress, there is also a strong change in mood mainly due to the rapid change in habits, life becomes hectic, you never have time to stop for a moment to devote yourself to yourself and pamper yourself . Many people also suffer, without knowing it, from the typical return syndrome, so much so that as soon as they return to work they begin to have symptoms of malaise such as headaches, fatigue, mood swings. According to a study, in fact, it affects about 35% of the population, with a higher incidence between 25 and 45 years. It is as if our body refuses to go back to the usual routine, but we know well that this is not possible and therefore it is enough to implement a few small tricks to soften the return both mentally and physically.
Here are some tips that are provided to us by the experts:
– Gradually resume work and daily activities, thus allowing yourself a few days of ‘settling down’.
– Introduce and follow healthy habits for our body, such as respecting the regular sleep-wake rhythm that is usually less regular on vacation. Practicing sports and movement on a regular basis so as to promote the release of endorphins in favor of a good mood.
– Introduce proper hydration: in addition to being a nutrient itself, it also brings other precious elements to the body, such as magnesium: choosing waters rich in the latter can help the body to regain psychic balance and emotional and to reduce stress.
– Take time to take care of yourself; in fact, the sun’s rays, sea water, messy schedules and excessive nutrition can compromise our skin and hair, making them dry and frizzy. Precisely for this reason our skin needs extra pampering to recover from the stress caused mainly by the sun and prepare for the arrival of autumn.
Our greatest allies are serums, cleansers and creams, to be chosen according to specific needs and age. However, we must not forget about the body: ideal for it, after every shower, are creams, oils, mousse, or balms with shea butter, jojoba oil inside, but also argan, honey and many others.
Our advice, therefore, is to make a sort of pit stop to better face the resumption of everyday life, the autumn season is coming and all in the name of “beauty that comes from within”.