The continuous updating of research and development, combined with the increased and coordinated management skills, has generated a constant renewal of the product range thanks to the daily study of innovative raw materials with the aim of offering the customer a product in line with the most current trends of the cosmetic market.


We test and put into practice trendy raw materials in the cosmetics market, always offering valid alternatives always in step with the requests of the most demanding customers.
We evaluate and create products that contain naturally derived non-ethoxylated emulsifiers;

– We study and research alternative, natural but above all effective preservative systems (we have for years eliminated from our formulas parabens, formaldehyde cessions, thiazolinones);

– We gel and suspend using non-synthetic or acrylate thickeners;

– We have an idea of ​​cleansing that goes beyond the simple function of cleaning, but which together with the washing qualities of the product can bring benefit and relief to skin and hair.

– We try to give fluid emulsions, lotions and creams refined and extra-sensorial textures without using silicones and acrylates, with results sometimes comparable between the product “with” and “without” synthetic additives.
Objective: quality and safety.

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During the development phases of the prototype in synergy with the customer’s requests, we have close relationships with University environments, Analysis Laboratories and Certification Bodies that guarantee through officially recognized methods and validation protocols (Stability, Effectiveness, Challenge, Patch Test, etc…) that all products placed on the market comply with the required quality standards.


  • TEXTURE refined and extra-sensory

  • OLFACTORY NOTES personalised for a unique experience

  • COLORS that turn on sensations and emotions

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