“I'm Mr. Wolf, I solve problems”

In one of Quentin Tarantino’s most beloved films, Pulp Fiction, there is a character that has become a cult: Mr. Wolf. Black tuxedo, sunglasses and a joke that has remained in the history of cinema: “I’m Mr. Wolf, I solve problems”. Since Global Cosmetics also has its Mrs. Wolf, let me introduce myself: my name is Elena Paganini and I hold the role of operations coordinator for which I earned this iconic nickname “in the field”!
I have been working in Global Cosmetics for just over three years and from the very beginning I felt like I was “at home” and, in my opinion, it is precisely this atmosphere of familiarity and joviality that distinguishes us.
I take care of the management of the operations necessary to guarantee a correct flow of products in the production and packaging phase once it has been planned, from the handling of the incoming goods to the distribution of the outgoing products within the established times, with a view to optimization. of operations.
I developed problem solving skills thanks to training and front-line experience, which helped me a lot in developing this “skill”. To better understand what I mean, just think that I collaborate at 360 ° with all sectors of our company, from the help desk to the administration, passing through the warehouse, marketing, sales and production. This mass of heterogeneous requests can only be addressed if you work with the same versatility of a .. Swiss army knife! So let’s say that over time it has come naturally to me to be able to find answers to the most disparate problems. We learn more from our mistakes because mistakes force us to retrace the process, hopefully we are not encouraged to retrace it.
If Global Cosmetics were a film I would be a character who has a specific characteristic: he solves problems with ingenuity and simplicity. Global Cosmetics is just like that, it faces every challenge with the will to find proposals or solutions that can be… smart!