What is white space for a graphic designer? In spite of what one might think, the white space, also called “negative space”, is not only to represent a gap between the various components of a graphic, but it represents a real fundamental element for the correct functioning. Whether it is a layout or a label, the latter represents one of the most important elements intentionally created to emphasize other elements within the graphics, thus conveying a mood or a specific message. If this essential element is not considered by the graph it is a serious mistake.

White is a constant and a certainty; It represents purity and balance. It is precisely this balance that dictates the union between the various elements by regulating and transmitting a pause signal to our brain, facilitating reading and facilitating the understanding of the contents. Especially when dealing with important texts, white spaces are essential because they mark the reading.

White space can be divided into two components: macro space and micro space based on how it is distributed within the page layout.

THE WHITE MACRO SPACE: it is the space between the main elements in the layout that acts as a container for the whole design.
Just think of the Google homepage.

Screen Google home page

Here is the comparison with the mozilla firefox page which, unlike google, used a gray pantone that makes the page more closed and limited.


THE MICRO WHITE SPACE: it is instead the space between one paragraph and another, between a title and the beginning of the text, between an image and the caption, but also the space between individual words or individual letters.

Reading speed and comprehension are affected by the arrangement of the text with respect to the margins.
Let’s see some examples.

The first example is much more readable and fluent; in fact, the white space around the text and between the individual words and letters lightens the text unlike example no. 2 which, due to the dark background and the limited space between individual words, makes reading difficult.

The same reasoning is used on the Web as well; here are some examples. From the news pages to the sites of major brands such as Apple, this element makes the entire page balanced, making it easier to read and understand the message.

In recent years, minimalism has been associated with modernism, and brands have been quick to adopt this style. White space is extremely useful in web design as it can help developers create sites that are easy to navigate; helping the user in faster and more immediate navigation.

Website evolution example.
Website in 1997
Website updated in the 2000s


This element also plays an important role in the cosmetics sector. Packaging is one of the key elements for the success of cosmetic products as it directly and actively influences their sale. This sector is populated by numerous similar but not identical products, often distinguishable only thanks to the packaging and graphics.

Precisely for this reason, the creation of packaging has always required numerous design and communication efforts by the marketing and graphics sector. In the previous article we addressed the importance of colors Communicating through colors. Today, however, we only analyze a single color that lays the foundations for correct graphics: white.

As we have seen so far, white space can create a high quality look, especially when the rest of the design elements (text, fonts, graphics …) are elegant or modern in style. Using white inside a packaging conveys a sense of cleanliness, purity, efficiency and simplicity. It is often associated with sustainability; highly requested in recent years and positively evaluated by consumers.

As manufacturers of cosmetics for face, body and hair care,  we develop full service private label projects and give shape, substance, color and perfume to every cosmetic inspiration.

We develop the product in complete collaboration with the customer: from its formulation, to the graphic layout, to the search for active ingredients or special raw materials, arriving at complete customization.