Global Cosmesi


Brands are like individuals because they must be told and valued to make them unique and distinctive. Identity is created in the details.
For this reason, even the approach of a private label project should always be proposed with the values ​​of a brand because to be successful a product must be developed starting from shelf positioning.

For this reason, the Marketing department of Global Cosmetics, directed by Silvia Conconi who comes from branding experiences from well-known multinationals, transforms the proposals of private label projects into ready-to-sell brands, coordinating all the details: from the pack to the colors, from the narrative communicative to the novelties of the active ingredients that can build a strong and compelling story telling. This leads to the construction of the identity, personality and equity of the brand and product.

We like to build a dream and not a list of information. We put the brand at the centre and make it dialogue with the market through the construction of its universe of values. We translate the benefit into a correct strategic vision, transforming the need into good tactical ability and adding clear ideas to an effective narrative ability “. And it is precisely the narrative ability and the ability to enter the heart of the product, emphasizing every detail, which has allowed many of our customers to launch successful brands.
Another valuable ally in the interpretation of the communicative scenario is the interest in the world of fashion, interior design and visual merchandising which allows us to intercept trends and trends and bring them into the world of cosmetics.
Creativity and the ability to structure strategies to bring out the brand and distinguish it are the elements that have allowed us in a short time to develop new customers both in Italy and abroad.

“Each product on the shelf must transfer valuable information, but also emotions and personality to the end customer. The product must live taking into account all the sensory aspects such as textures, colors, scents and sensations, without losing sight of the green approach that is the basis of our proposals “.

We always offer new marketing concept with different solutions of functional substances and active ingredients in line with a communication increasingly requested by “GREEN” consumers who are informed and attentive to a clean and sustainable INCI: active from organic farming and vegans, gluten-free active ingredients, Italian active at ZERO KM for those who want a strong Made in Italy connotation.

Let’s not forget that everything can be crowned with green packaging such as post-consumer recycled plastics or plastics derived from sugar cane, packs with refills to avoid waste, glass or FSC papers for increasingly ECO SUSTAINABLE cosmetics.

If you want to create your line or your product through a BRAND EQUITY and BRAND IDENTITY approach, personalized and tailored to your sales channel, contact us for all the details.