In the future, consumers will be very skeptical and careful when visiting stores and shopping centers. In fact, they will know that these gathering places could contain germs harmful to their health and for this reason they will increasingly prefer online shopping. The companies’ websites will have to compensate for this lack of in-store “physical experience” with highly inspirational images, a strong story-telling, detailed product descriptions and illustrations (such as videos and gifts) that evoke the texture and sensory part of the product.
Furthermore, in the absence of an in-store experience, it will be particularly important to find new solutions to make consumers try products. Technologies to virtually test make-up and hair dyes will have to become more refined and precise to gain consumer confidence.
And finally, the use of beauty boxes will allow companies to distribute their products to different customers through testers and smaller products.
This is why Global Cosmesi has created SKINCARE proposals in single-dose solutions that can satisfy this request.
Today we offer FACE MASKS in single-dose and two-dose sachets of 10/15/20 ml for different types of skin: dry, impure, mature, etc.
CREAMY MASK with nourishing effect, suitable for dry and dehydrated, dull skin. It performs an antioxidant action and acts as a protective against free radicals that are formed by the action of UV rays / smoke / pollution. For a skin that appears velvety, compact and luminous.
CLAY MASK WITH PURPLE / YELLOW / GREEN CLAY to detox. Detoxifies the skin and brightens the complexion without creating dryness. The skin is more radiant, fresh and with a brighter and healthier complexion.
These are some examples but you can customize the claims, the active ingredients, the perfumes for your brand as you see fit.
Ask for more info to create your personalized mask and take advantage of the needs of the moment to satisfy your customers.