What does the market require of us?

More "green" formulas and controls.

The Coronavirus has made many, especially the younger generations, aware of the issue of sustainability. Thus, eco-compatibility and ethics prove to be excellent opportunities for market recovery.

To develop this great need of the “green” market in the aesthetic field, Global Cosmetics has put Chiara Zerbini at the forefront, as Technical Manager of the Esteticare brand, who has dedicated more than 3 years of Research and Development to this professional line for Salons, Beautitains, SPA and gyms.

“The great challenge during these years has been to be able to formulate natural and sustainable products for the environment as I didn’t just have to eliminate the normal raw materials that are usually used, such as Silicones, Parabens, Pegs, Acrylates, Edta, Cessori of Formaldehyde or Allergens, but try, by eliminating these materials, to maintain the same texture, the same performance and the same sensoriality of a normal cosmetic, so that the final consumer or the beautician could still appreciate it.

It wasn’t easy! There are many difficulties and obstacles to be faced for the creation of a “simple” natural cosmetic. First of all you have to believe in it and you have to be strongly motivated because it is a very demanding challenge for every formulator; it takes a lot of research, a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of collaboration to be able to develop a totally green product. Together with my colleagues in the Laboratory, we try to do our best every day, personally testing and trying each formulation until we reach the optimal product to be presented on the market.

Furthermore, we must not forget that we must comply with certain safety standards established by the European Union and the various regulations established for each type of Certification, whether it is Cosmos, Aiab, Ecocert or Natrue which outline the limits of use for certain ingredients or minimum percentages. and maximum of ingredients required to then certify the natural cosmetic product.

The development of new green cosmetics was born from the numerous market requests that came to us on the Private Label, from which our company expertise was born, which is increasingly orienting itself towards the production of sustainable, natural and certified cosmetics, designed to intercept the new customer needs and at the same time improve the environmental impact.
Therefore, more and more attention to health and well-being and we at Global Cosmetics always try to keep up with these requests by looking for innovative raw materials: not synthetic but natural, non-ethoxylated emulsifiers, vegetable oils that replace mineral oils and delicate surfactants to unlike more aggressive surfactants such as SLS.

However, we must not forget that “synthetic” does not mean “toxic” and that “natural” does not mean “harmless”, on the contrary, some plants may contain poisons and the same functional substance can be harmful to the body if used incorrectly.
The commitment therefore that we set ourselves in Global Cosmetics is to keep up with market demands, to create functional products with the utmost respect for our skin but also for our environment, trying to use high quality raw materials while maintaining the same performance. and sensoriality as always.”