Supply Chain Management Elisa Piemonte


Supply Chain Management is an increasingly decisive tool in today’s companies, for a correct management of the distribution chain and to achieve the goal of improving the performance and efficiency of the various logistics activities. However, Global Cosmetics, which has always affirmed the idea of ​​Team, Collaboration and Cooperation as its dogma, uses this tool above all for integration and strategic coordination, developing real relationships with its suppliers, distributors and customers. Behind these long-term relationships, there are collaborations between People of different companies and before that there are the Thoughts, Words, and Actions of People belonging to the same team, let’s call it of actors who, as in a theater company, they experience each project as a new adventure to be built together with passion.

Elisa Piemonte is one of the actors of this company, who receives a new, exciting script, she begins to study it, plans and tries, sharing it with the other team members, to merge with them.

To make the most of the performance of each actor, the lines are read together, the intonations are adjusted, the emotions are worked on, the stage clothes are carefully researched and after wearing them, when everything is ready, with a great adrenaline on you, the curtain rises and you enter the scene, here is a show with a capital S that sends the audience into raptures.

Global Cosmetics with its team is committed every day to the development of your projects with this passion. Your private label will carefully pass into the hands of People, who gently close to each other as in a large chain, will make it grow under your careful direction, and will gradually take shape, becoming something unique. One of our strengths is to follow every company, every supplier and above all every customer, in every moment of this adventure up to the staging of the long-awaited show with a capital S, to make the result of so much work memorable.


Supply Chain Management Elisa Piemonte