Haircare and Skincare: the fusion of two souls

Haircare and Skincare: the fusion of two souls.

One of the biggest trends of the moment is #skinification, the tendency to create make-up and hair care products inspired by the concepts of effectiveness of ingredients traditionally used in the skincare world. The basic concept is to put the skin at the center of one’s cosmetic habits, regardless of the area of ​​application of the product itself because the skin does not end at the hairline.

Think, for example, of a foundation that makes up by bringing the benefits of a moisturizer or a serum for the scalp that acts in a targeted manner as if it were designed for the face.

In particular, #hairskinification expresses the ever-increasing tendency to take care of the scalp with the same attention that is paid daily especially to the face. This is where super-performing shampoos and serums are born, aimed at solving scalp problems or maintaining its correct state of health.

Products designed with skinification logic are increasingly multifunctional, designed to bring the same benefits to the skin of the face, body and scalp, without distinction. Let’s imagine that we can apply the same product on the face and on the body. Two important benefits derive from this: on one hand, the certainty of applying the same ingredients, at the same concentration on both areas, on the other, the reduction of the time needed to complete one’s daily beauty routine. The first is very close to our hearts because we firmly believe that the cosmetic product must be effective as well as pleasant to apply.

FACE&SCALP formulation proposal

Our research and development team, specialized in the formulation of products for the hair care and skin care sector, has decided to focus its attention on this topic with the aim of unifying the expertise in these two areas in a single hybrid product. This is where performance hair care literally merges with the effectiveness of skincare treatments.

Micellar lotion

Concentrated aqueous lotion indicated for the treatment of acne-prone combination skin that suffers from facial lucidity, the presence of blackheads and whiteheads and a greasy scalp with hair that gets dirty quickly.

Soothing serum

Fluid emulsion characterized by a liquid consistency and light afterfeel, typical of face serums. The innovative texture allows it to be applied daily and without rinsing on the face, body and scalp without weighing down or leaving traces on the stem.

Balancing serum

Emulsion with a liquid consistency and a light afterfeel. Its texture allows it to be applied daily and without rinsing on the skin of the face and scalp without weighing it down or leaving traces.


GREEN SOUL, green cosmetics for everyone

GREEN SOUL, green cosmetics for everyone.

Today, more than ever, the green trend is part of the world’s economy. In fact, more and more consumers are deciding to make conscious purchases, favouring products that respect the environment and preserve its resources. This vision is in line with the numerous policies that impose regulations to protect the environment.

More and more people are eating organic and “green” foods, driving green cars, using green electricity, wearing sustainable clothes and, of course, choosing green cosmetics.

More and more products are qualified as “green”, “green”, “sustainable” or “ecological, vegan agricosmetics” cosmetics. In addition, there is Clean Beauty, the aim of promoting clean and sustainable cosmetics, without forgetting trends such as Skinimalism, which, in the desire to simplify the beauty routine (few products and targeted), combines practicality with a zero-waste approach.

It is a “green book” that is expanded every day with terms that have to do with the keyword: sustainability.

The merit is above all the millennials, young people born between the eighties and the 2000s, also referred to as Generation Y, Echo Boomers, Net Generation (the first “digital natives” in history) who, according to some surveys, are always the most involved and addressed towards a sustainable beauty, attentive to the environment. They represent the most interesting generation for the cosmetics market and are playing an important role because they will soon be the generation with the highest purchasing power. Their approach to beauty is healthy, concrete and not very artificial, they look for products with natural ingredients, zero-kilometre, clean formulas, which respect the environment, with eco-compatible packs. In any case, in the eco-friendly ingredients they seek the guarantee of a high-quality standard, they are practical and willing to buy an “ecological” product without sacrificing the quality performance and effectiveness of its use.

Global Cosmesi has been working on this trend and approach for years, so much so that its pay off has become “green soul”.

We design green cosmetics for all our customers, where sustainability represents the turning point, a new way of doing business that is not only ethically correct, but also allows excellent earning opportunities. Being green is a possibility that all companies have at their disposal: it is not a niche strategy but an opportunity that can be included in any marketing strategy.

In this context, the lever of communication is fundamental. Don’t forget that “natural” does not necessarily mean “sustainable“.

Contact us and test us for a green revolution of your brand.





Today it is possible with the new totally green FACE MASKS WITH COLORFUL CLAYS, to detoxify, moisturize, smooth, anti-aging effect, eliminate the greasiness of impure and oily skin and restore an immediate radiance. Our formulas are 100% vegan and since today the market increasingly requires a natural, eco-sustainable, effective and safe choice, they reach up to 98% natural ingredients. We believe that beauty cannot exist without respect for the world around us.

You can choose to develop it under your brand for different types of skin: dry, impure, oily, mature. The big news is that they are creamy emulsion masks combined with colorful clays but they do not dry out and do not pull the skin. For this reason the skin remains very soft and with a soft focus effect only after 15 minutes of laying. Very easy to use even at home because they spread on the skin leaving a small layer and after 15 minutes they are rinsed with warm water or with a damp towel.
The pack solutions can be different: in single-dose or multi-dose pots and in tubes. The transparent tube is highly recommended, because it presents the color and its sensory strength in an immediate way, stimulating the purchase.

And then they can be customized with many fragrances and active ingredients to tell a unique and enveloping storytelling. Choose the color and the targeted action and ask for samples to test the effectiveness and cosmetic capacity:
COLORFUL CLAYS: purple, pink, red, green, white, yellow, gray.
ACTIONS MASKS: nourishing, moisturizing, antioxidant and protective against free radicals that are formed by the action of UV rays / smoke / pollution, detoxifying, illuminating, absorbing and mattifying.

Ask for more info to create the custom mask and take advantage of the needs of the moment to satisfy your customers. They are also very interesting in the online sales market because they are colorful, lively and radiant.


“Sono Mrs. Wolf, risolvo problemi”

“I'm Mr. Wolf, I solve problems”

In one of Quentin Tarantino’s most beloved films, Pulp Fiction, there is a character that has become a cult: Mr. Wolf. Black tuxedo, sunglasses and a joke that has remained in the history of cinema: “I’m Mr. Wolf, I solve problems”. Since Global Cosmetics also has its Mrs. Wolf, let me introduce myself: my name is Elena Paganini and I hold the role of operations coordinator for which I earned this iconic nickname “in the field”!
I have been working in Global Cosmetics for just over three years and from the very beginning I felt like I was “at home” and, in my opinion, it is precisely this atmosphere of familiarity and joviality that distinguishes us.
I take care of the management of the operations necessary to guarantee a correct flow of products in the production and packaging phase once it has been planned, from the handling of the incoming goods to the distribution of the outgoing products within the established times, with a view to optimization. of operations.
I developed problem solving skills thanks to training and front-line experience, which helped me a lot in developing this “skill”. To better understand what I mean, just think that I collaborate at 360 ° with all sectors of our company, from the help desk to the administration, passing through the warehouse, marketing, sales and production. This mass of heterogeneous requests can only be addressed if you work with the same versatility of a .. Swiss army knife! So let’s say that over time it has come naturally to me to be able to find answers to the most disparate problems. We learn more from our mistakes because mistakes force us to retrace the process, hopefully we are not encouraged to retrace it.
If Global Cosmetics were a film I would be a character who has a specific characteristic: he solves problems with ingenuity and simplicity. Global Cosmetics is just like that, it faces every challenge with the will to find proposals or solutions that can be… smart!





The word “conform” refers to elements “that have the same shape in common”. Compliance therefore indicates similarity and correlation between different parts but linked to each other by defined rules.
The Regulatory Office, headed by Francesca Canepa, takes care of precisely this: starting from the regulations in force, it adjusts the product so that it complies with the laws, while maintaining its specific characteristics. The main task is to verify a series of fundamental parameters for the correct placing on the market of a product. The Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 in use in the European Community is among the most strict and has as its main purpose to guarantee the safety of the product to protect the health of the consumer. The regulations and guidelines are not a list of strict rules or substances allowed or prohibited, but are subject to interpretation and are related to the uses and customs of the country in which they are applied.

Global Cosmesi offers a complete consultancy service for compliance with Regulation (EC) n.1223 / 2009, including drafting of the PIF, notification to the CPNP, laboratory analyzes (heavy metals, microbiology) and clinical tests (patch tests).

It is a team effort, which involves people with different and specific knowledge (Research and Development, Marketing, Quality, Supply Chain) and which requires a continuous training and updating plan because the regulations are constantly evolving. We accompany the customer from the start of the project, developing together the strategy that will best suit their needs.





In Ferrara, the fog softens the outlines of things, hiding only a part of them. The rest you have to complete with the imagination and slowly the same fantasy becomes a daily tool, on which you depend to complete the reality of every day. In our wonderful country we learn, from an early age, to understand what number is written on the bus, as it advances through the thick fog, to complete the immense castle of Ferrara, avoiding the bicycles that whiz by and so on. There are children who even when they grow up continue to use the same imagination used years before, thus making it a real fundamental tool for their work: the graphic designer. The latter, in fact, must always keep creativity active by continuously training the mind, especially outside of work.

This is explained by immersing yourself in the contemporary digital age. We are constantly exposed to enormous cognitive overload, which affects us in our daily choices. The graphic designer must perceive every single stimulus and treasure it.
Furthermore, nowadays, we speak hundreds of different languages, but we all understand the same common language, and when we turn off the computer, our work continues. Walking around our city, stopping our gaze in front of a poster, we ask ourselves: how would I have done it?

We see a sign, we study it and we begin to think about whether it could be simplified more. We fall in love with an old sign, a writing on the wall or an oddly shaped stain. On the supermarket shelves we get nervous if we can’t find a certain product because the person who created the graphics did not use a readable font and so on.

We cannot do without it: looking is our vice, our eyes are always busy reading the reality that surrounds us. Ours, before being a job, is a passion through which we try to convey precise messages.

Graphic design is therefore creativity but also science, the continuous search for style, beauty and the right. It is a job that asks us to continuously feed our mind and our culture but, above all, it forces us to never stop imagining and dreaming: to look beyond, with the awareness that we can always learn and improve.

We chose this job because we are tireless dreamers; under the professionalism and the technique, behind the jackets and the handshakes, beyond the meeting rooms and our names on the doors of the offices, we are first of all graphic designers passionate about our work, ready to accept any challenge we find ourselves to have to face. At Global Cosmetics we design shapes, objects, messages, experiences and emotions because we have a heart and a brain, and as long as there is life we ​​have, we will need graphic design.

Camilla Benetti is the virtual link between Global Cosmetics and that bicycle that we see getting lost in the distance. So, putting our imagination to good use again, we can see the dim light of the taillight, giving the right emphasis to the colored symphony that, even a single graphic, can magically enclose. Where the fog clears, in the multiplicity of decisions to be made, that small image makes a certain product our preference, making us grasp, in a single instant, the intrinsic and universal message contained in a humble font.


camilla benetti graphic designer


What does the market require of us?

What does the market require of us?

More "green" formulas and controls.

The Coronavirus has made many, especially the younger generations, aware of the issue of sustainability. Thus, eco-compatibility and ethics prove to be excellent opportunities for market recovery.

To develop this great need of the “green” market in the aesthetic field, Global Cosmetics has put Chiara Zerbini at the forefront, as Technical Manager of the Esteticare brand, who has dedicated more than 3 years of Research and Development to this professional line for Salons, Beautitains, SPA and gyms.

“The great challenge during these years has been to be able to formulate natural and sustainable products for the environment as I didn’t just have to eliminate the normal raw materials that are usually used, such as Silicones, Parabens, Pegs, Acrylates, Edta, Cessori of Formaldehyde or Allergens, but try, by eliminating these materials, to maintain the same texture, the same performance and the same sensoriality of a normal cosmetic, so that the final consumer or the beautician could still appreciate it.

It wasn’t easy! There are many difficulties and obstacles to be faced for the creation of a “simple” natural cosmetic. First of all you have to believe in it and you have to be strongly motivated because it is a very demanding challenge for every formulator; it takes a lot of research, a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of collaboration to be able to develop a totally green product. Together with my colleagues in the Laboratory, we try to do our best every day, personally testing and trying each formulation until we reach the optimal product to be presented on the market.

Furthermore, we must not forget that we must comply with certain safety standards established by the European Union and the various regulations established for each type of Certification, whether it is Cosmos, Aiab, Ecocert or Natrue which outline the limits of use for certain ingredients or minimum percentages. and maximum of ingredients required to then certify the natural cosmetic product.

The development of new green cosmetics was born from the numerous market requests that came to us on the Private Label, from which our company expertise was born, which is increasingly orienting itself towards the production of sustainable, natural and certified cosmetics, designed to intercept the new customer needs and at the same time improve the environmental impact.
Therefore, more and more attention to health and well-being and we at Global Cosmetics always try to keep up with these requests by looking for innovative raw materials: not synthetic but natural, non-ethoxylated emulsifiers, vegetable oils that replace mineral oils and delicate surfactants to unlike more aggressive surfactants such as SLS.

However, we must not forget that “synthetic” does not mean “toxic” and that “natural” does not mean “harmless”, on the contrary, some plants may contain poisons and the same functional substance can be harmful to the body if used incorrectly.
The commitment therefore that we set ourselves in Global Cosmetics is to keep up with market demands, to create functional products with the utmost respect for our skin but also for our environment, trying to use high quality raw materials while maintaining the same performance. and sensoriality as always.”





You are in a queue at the post office, in a crowded room, it is hot, you have the coupon with your number in your hand, and you are patiently waiting for the counter to call you. You are in a square, in front of the escalators of a subway stop. Zipped in your winter jacket, wait for your sweetheart to hug each other and then go and buy Christmas gifts. Here, I am sure that if you found yourself choosing which of these two situations to live you would not have many doubts, and you would immediately wear your winter jacket. The difference between representing a number on a coupon and being a person who has been chosen is the one thing that makes us feel alive and that we want to live again, again and again. Numbers and people, in fact, two very distinct methods of approach, which in the human sphere make all the difference in the world and which in the workplace describe a relationship that speaks of companies that take each other by the hand and try to grow together.

Global Cosmesi is exactly that, a strong group identity that enhances individuals and enhances their potential, making the most of them and trying not to leave anyone behind.
It is said that a relationship of any kind between two or more individuals works when individuals are resolved and satisfied with themselves, Global Cosmesi is just that and there is no better person with whom trust with a private label project to develop at best the capabilities and potential of your company. Collaboration, attention to detail, well-defined strategies and continuous and accurate feedback, all elements that go best with the launch of a new product and that would not be possible in an impersonal context, in which the customer is seen only as a number or a figure to add to the company’s turnover.

In this context based on the human relationship between person and person, even before that between supplier and customer, the administrative department and one of its members Piero Tumiati are no exception, despite the numbers he has built up his working environment.

The pleasure of confronting and understanding what the needs of those in front of you are, to allow the customer to optimize the growth times of their product up to placement on the shelf. To try to do so, to let yourself be guided in the growth of a private label guided by a personal and tailored approach, contact us and we will be at your disposal.
People for people, in fact.






Supply Chain Management is an increasingly decisive tool in today’s companies, for a correct management of the distribution chain and to achieve the goal of improving the performance and efficiency of the various logistics activities. However, Global Cosmetics, which has always affirmed the idea of ​​Team, Collaboration and Cooperation as its dogma, uses this tool above all for integration and strategic coordination, developing real relationships with its suppliers, distributors and customers. Behind these long-term relationships, there are collaborations between People of different companies and before that there are the Thoughts, Words, and Actions of People belonging to the same team, let’s call it of actors who, as in a theater company, they experience each project as a new adventure to be built together with passion.

Elisa Piemonte is one of the actors of this company, who receives a new, exciting script, she begins to study it, plans and tries, sharing it with the other team members, to merge with them.

To make the most of the performance of each actor, the lines are read together, the intonations are adjusted, the emotions are worked on, the stage clothes are carefully researched and after wearing them, when everything is ready, with a great adrenaline on you, the curtain rises and you enter the scene, here is a show with a capital S that sends the audience into raptures.

Global Cosmetics with its team is committed every day to the development of your projects with this passion. Your private label will carefully pass into the hands of People, who gently close to each other as in a large chain, will make it grow under your careful direction, and will gradually take shape, becoming something unique. One of our strengths is to follow every company, every supplier and above all every customer, in every moment of this adventure up to the staging of the long-awaited show with a capital S, to make the result of so much work memorable.


Supply Chain Management Elisa Piemonte


How a cosmetic product is born

How a cosmetic product is born

Have you ever wondered how a cosmetic product is born? Probably the answer may seem trivial, but it is not. A cosmetic carries with it an idea, a project to be developed, a need to be satisfied or more simply a desire that you want to unleash in someone.

Assunta Nappo formulator of the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT team of Global Cosmetics, a company that works on behalf of third parties, explains that the starting point is always the brief: detailed collection of information that concretely dissects what you want to obtain from a specific project.

For us formulators this is a decisive tool and we try to work profitably with other sectors in order to obtain the greatest number of information and formulation ideas in this phase of approach to the project. Alternatively, the brief can be directly created by us as a goal for the development of innovative personal care formulas to offer to our customers. From here on we will use it as a guiding thread that will lead us to think about the product in all its aspects: because the cosmetic must be imagined with the mind and with the senses even before making it ” she explains promptly.

Only the skilful and accurate combination of multiple ingredients will be able to realize the required functionality and the imagined sensoriality through a suitable and captivating structure.

I always like to think of the birth of a new cosmetic as of a meeting of two souls: the scientific/technological one and the creative one. In short, the two faces of the formulator” she adds.

This is what happens in our Research and Development Laboratory: every single ingredient is evaluated and selected to be part of the finished cosmetic product with a very specific purpose, be it of a technical/structural or hedonistic/sensorial nature. For a cosmetic there is no sensoriality without technicality and oposite. The two aspects must be intimately merged in order to obtain a stable formula from a technical and structural point of view, precise but above all pleasant.

The concept of “cosmetic pleasantness” is an aspect that is particularly close to our heart when we formulate: a pleasant cosmetic will be a cosmetic that will be used more by the final customer. Consequently, constant application will be the key that will allow the product to perform its functional actions and be effective.